26 04, 2017

Destiny’s Child Reunites In Support Of Kelly Rowland’s Book Release

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Destiny's Child has reunited! Unfortunately not for music, rather in a sisterly bond of support for fellow DC3 member Kelly Rowland...

21 03, 2017

Wyclef Jean Breaks Down Inspiration Behind Destiny’s Child’s 1997 Hit ‘No, No, No Part 2,’ Plus Singer Wrongly Arrested

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About creating the verses' rapid melody, Jean says he was influenced by the fact that the group was from Houston, and gave Beyonce a quick flow similar to how Texan rappers flowed at the time.

8 11, 2016

Destiny’s Child Partakes In The #MannequinChallenge: Are They Planning A Reunion?

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Yesterday (Nov. 7), Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams partook in the social media trend. Could this be foreshadowing a Destiny's Child reunion?

22 02, 2016

Destiny’s Child Reunites For Kelly Rowland’s 35th Birthday Bash

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There was an unofficial Destiny’s Child reunion over the weekend! Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly all met up to celebrate Kelly’s 35th birthday bash on Saturday night (Feb. 20) ..

22 09, 2015

Is A Project Based on Destiny’s Child Finally Coming To TV/Film?

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Mathew Knowles continues to keep hope alive for a Destiny’s Child reunion, and not only a reunion, but Knowles hopes to take the group’s story to film or TV.

16 04, 2015

10 Memorable Moments Since Members of Destiny’s Child Went Solo

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Destiny's Child, one of the best-selling R&B groups of all time, are known for their female anthems, sexy dance moves, and fly outfits.

24 01, 2015

Ex Destiny’s Child Manager Brian Moore Says Two Biopics On the Way

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Last month, the Sony hack revealed that Mathew Knowles approached the media company about potentially producing a biopic about the platinum-selling female R&B group known as Destiny’s Child. Well, it looks like Papa Knowles isn’t the only one...

10 01, 2013

Destiny’s Child Reunite For New Song, Readies ‘Love Songs’ Collection

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Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams reunite for their first song in eight years, entitled "Nuclear." The new record is featured on the Grammy Award winning group's new compilation project, 'Love Songs.'

7 07, 2012

Mathew Knowles Confirms ‘Two’ Destiny’s Child, Trin-i-tee 5:7 Albums

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Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle are coming back together collectively as Destiny's Child. In what is unexpected news, Mathew Knowles has confirmed two albums with the first due later this year.

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