16 06, 2017

Mario Drops Personal Single ‘Pain Is The New Pleasure’

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Today (June 16), multi-platinum R&B superstar Mario releases a new single entitled “Pain is the New Pleasure." Produced by the artist known as Pham, “Pain is the New Pleasure" is Mario’s most transparent release to date and touches on some of his personal experiences including his extremely public relationship with his mother, who unfortunately, passed away a couple of weeks [Read More]

8 03, 2017

Mario Announces He’s Changing The Title of His Upcoming Album

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Mario recently dropped the video for his single "Let Me Help You," the first offering from his forthcoming album once thought to be titled Paradise Cove. However, it seems he's changed the name of the album. He exclusively revealed to Music Choice the new name and why he changed it.

2 03, 2017

Mario Saves The Day In ‘Let Me Help You’ Video

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In the clip (filmed on the beaches of Malibu), Mario is surrounded by stunning scenery as he intertwines himself into the life of a beach beauty as the better option. He hits up the neon lit club scene, and the island feel will have you grooving throughout.

20 01, 2017

Mario Releases Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Forthcoming Video ‘Let Me Help You’

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Ahead of the release of the video for his most recent single "Let Me Help You," Mario drops some behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot.

17 12, 2016

20 R&B Songs to Play at Your Office Christmas Party

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During this time of year, company's aim to foster stronger bonds with their employees by throwing holiday office parties...More importantly, It's a time of the year to blow off some steam, enjoy life a bit, and not think about work. Besides the unlimited quantities of alcohol, music is the next best thing to help you get loose.

3 11, 2016

Mario Stars On The Cover Of VULKAN Magazine

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The R&B crooner is back on the scene with a new single called "I Need More," and he's dishing on his hiatus with the mag about his performance on ABC’s “Greatest Hits” with Zendaya this past summer, working in the studio, his fifteen-year career, and more.

28 10, 2016

New Music: Mario & DJT.O’s “Tell You Now” Gets a Makeover (TyRo Remix)

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R&B Singer Mario and Germany's DJT.O's collaboration, "Tell You Now," gets a groovy makeover courtesy of producer TyRo, who made it his mission to give the song new life.

16 09, 2016

Mario Drops Cinematic Video For Latest RnBass Single, ‘I Need More’

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Back in May, Mario dropped his RnBass single "I Need More," now he's back with the cinematic visual. The clip begins when the singer is taken out the back of a van, hands tied behind his back by men with gas masks on.

29 07, 2016

Zendaya Joins Mario For a Duet Of His Hit ‘Let Me Love You’ on ABC’s ‘Greatest Hits’

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Last night (July 28), R&B crooner Mario appeared on “Greatest Hits” on ABC to perform his 2004 hit "Let Me Love You." Actress/singer Zendaya joined him for a male-female duet version of the song that would make a great official remix.

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