1 11, 2019

Akon Celebrates Africa With Afrobeats Album, ‘Akonda’

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Load some Afrobeats, mixed with Soca and other eclectic and island-infused sounds and you get 'Akonda,' the latest album from international superstar Akon. The 10-track LP includes the hit singles "Low Key" and "Wakonda." "Wakonda," a play on Afro B's popular song "Drogba" (Joanna), features West African comedian, Michael Blackson in the hilarious visuals which premiered earlier this Summer. 'Akonda' [More]

9 10, 2017

Akon Defends Nelly Against Alleged Rape Claim: “He’s Innocent”

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R&B singer/songwriter Akon is defending rapper Nelly after he was arrested on Saturday following a rape accusation. "I'm 100 percent positive he's innocent," Akon tells TMZ. "I don’t see Nelly forcing no one (to have sex with him). It just doesn’t make sense." Akon went on to claim that women today are setting artists up for a payday while destroying [More]

2 03, 2016

Akon Calls Out Snooping Girlfriend On (Potential) Leak, ‘Going Thru My Phone’

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Today, a leak has surfaced on the net called "Going Thru My Phone," a satisfying groove about calling out an s/o for insecurely snooping through his belongs, trying to find any sign of infidelity.

29 01, 2016

Akon Will Leave You ‘Hypnotized’ With Even MORE Good Vibes

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already he’s back with more music, this one called “Hypnotized”, and it’s another one to put on your mood-lifting playlist. It’s a light-breezy tune for all the lovers, perhaps just in time for Valentine’s Day...

25 03, 2014

Akon Claims ‘I Cashed Out’ on Lady Gaga Before Her Career Went ‘Down’

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Is it right or wrong to talk about cashing out of a deal before it goes sour? According to Akon, doing just that, he cashed out on Lady Gaga before her career and sales began to tumble.

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