31 05, 2017

Artists Hobbies – Things Some of Our Favs Do to Unwind

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How do our idols let off steam and unwind when they’re safely behind closed doors? Let's reveal a few of the more unusual hobbies that some of the world’s most famous artists have.

2 11, 2015

Justin Bieber Becomes One With Nature In ‘I’ll Show You’ Video

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The clip features Bieber in a renewal state as he ventures out into nature to reflect. Using beautiful, panoramic angles, Justin runs and skateboards among waterfalls and glaciers...

9 07, 2014

Case Caught: Justin Bieber to Be Charged With Vandalism for January Egging

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Teen-sensation-turned-bad-boy Justin Bieber has been in so much hot water this year that the egging incident from January seems pale in comparison, but he has officially been charged...

17 06, 2014

Wendy Williams Bans, Shames Justin Bieber: ‘I Have A Strong Dislike’

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Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams is tired of Justin Bieber and can't wait until he just goes away. Discussing the "Boyfriend" singer during her hot topics segment Monday, Williams vowed not to talk about Bieber for the rest of her current season -- This after referring to Bieber as a "jerk, but a cute jerk," "honey," "my girl" and "you better work girl."

2 06, 2014

Justin Bieber Jokes ‘Run’ N-Word In New Video, Apologizes For “Ignorance”

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Did Justin Bieber go too far in a joke about a chainsaw and "black people"? In footage released by TMZ over the weekend, Bieber jokes "Run n----r, n----r, n----r" with a group of friends. According to TMZ, the joke (watch below) was captured during Bieber's Never Say Never documentary taping, but was edited out.

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