12 07, 2018

Whitney Houston’s Mother Cissy Houston Shocked By Molestation Story

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The Kevin Macdonald-directed documentary 'Whitney' is causing shockwaves with a revelation in the film that alleges late music icon Whitney Houston was molested as a child by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick, daughter of Dionne Warwick. Whitney's mother Cissy Houston is shocked at the news, insisting in a statement that she and her sister Dionne were unaware of the alleged [More]

6 06, 2018

Want Whitney Houston’s Bible? It’s Gonna Cost You $95,000

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How much does a bible owned by the late Whitney Houston go for? According to one of her former landlords, a whopping $95K. According to TMZ, Houston left behind a bible (among other things) in her luxury Newport Beach, CA rental property where she lived from 2009-2011. The owner of the property found the bible along with clothes and CDs [More]

17 05, 2018

Whitney Houston Documentary Shocks Cannes After Child Abuse Revelation

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The late Whitney Houston's new documentary, Whitney, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday night, and made a stunning revelation that shocked audience members. The Kevin Macdonald-directed film revealed that Whitney was abused by her cousin, Dionne Warwick’s late sister Dee-Dee. Macdonald tells Deadline that Whitney’s brother Gary confirmed the alleged child abuse. "I first began to suspect that there might be [More]

30 04, 2018

First Trailer Arrives For Upcoming Whitney Houston Documentary

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Back in March (2018), we reported that a documentary about late music legend Whitney Houston's life and career would be coming our way. Titled 'Whitney,' and created by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, we now have a trailer to support the much-anticipated film. "There’s the magic, there’s the voice, there’s the legend," reads the trailer’s tagline. "You don’t know her story [More]

11 03, 2018

Whitney Houston Documentary Gets The Green Light

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There's not a day that goes by that we don't miss the angelic voice of the great Whitney Houston. It's now been reported that a documentary simply titled Whitney will see light this coming July. The documentary, created by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, will reflect the late singer's life and career. “I approached Whitney’s life like a mystery story; why [More]

12 10, 2017

‘The Bodyguard’ 25th Anniversary Album to Feature Unreleased Whitney Houston Music

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A brand new collection of Whitney Houston songs, including live and studio recordings and special features, will appear on the upcoming album, Whitney Houston - I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the iconic film The Bodyguard.

19 09, 2017

Aretha Franklin, Diddy, Alicia Keys and More Praise Clive Davis in Upcoming Documentary

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Dropping October 3rd with a limited theatrical release in select cities starting on September 27th, the doc chronicles the historic influence of "The Man with the Golden Ears," who rose from humble beginnings to one of the music industry's most iconic figures.

30 08, 2017

Watch The Trailer For TV One’s ‘Bobbi Kristina’ Biopic

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After much talk, TV One has finally released the first trailer for its Bobbi Kristina Brown biopic, a controversial film about the life of music icon Whitney Houston's often-troubled daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

19 05, 2017

Bobby Brown Seeks Medium To Contact The Late Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

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Medium-to-the-celebrities, Tyler Henry, recently helped connect Bobby Brown to his late ex wife Whitney Houston and their daughter Bobbi Kristina on Wednesday's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. During his reading with Bobby, Tyler channeled Whitney who said that she was with their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown on her death bed. "This woman was here and she transitioned another woman who passed away," Tyler told Bobby. [More]

11 02, 2017

5 Years Later: Remembering Music Legend Whitney Houston aka The Voice

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We remember her impeccable contributions to music by sharing the below playlist of some of her countless hits as well as testimonials from fans, including Ciara.

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